Anything with football, PLEASE!


Why Football?

I dreaded when Fall came around. Absolutely dreaded it. Filled with beautiful changing colors of trees and lower temperatures, Fall was supposed to be the season of change. But for me, unfortunately, it was the season of football.

Growing up, my dad and brother always had football on the TV, and I mean ALWAYS. I would get so annoyed because I had better things to watch, obviously.

However, disguised behind annoyance and irritation, it was in those years when I absentmindedly became a football fan. After I started school at Texas Tech, all I wanted to do was go to football games, and when football season ended, I found myself counting down the days until next season.

Strange, isn’t it?


In the Hunt

My goal is to work for a college football team in the Power 5 conference – literally any team would be fine (except for Baylor, sorry Baylor).

After job searching, I found an opening as a digital content coordinator for the University of Minnesota’s football program. A job like this is exactly what I am looking for because it allows me to create content and help promote a brand.

Job Duties

This digital coordinator job requires two years of experience working with media, marketing, community relations, public relations and at least one year of video production experience.

If I got this job, I would be responsible for:

  1. Managing and creating compelling and strategic content that complements the brand.
  2. Assisting with “digital communication initiatives” to broaden original Gopher Football content across many different platforms, like social media, email, video, web and mobile.
  3. Leading digital marketing campaigns.
  4. Developing a Gopher Football multimedia content calendar and working with external staff on creating messages for various channels.

What I Can Do

I have some qualities and experiences that would help me obtain this job. I’ve worked with my local newspaper to provide highlight videos of the high school football, volleyball and basketball teams.

I’ve been volunteering since I was 12 years old, and I acquired community relations skills while working at a bakery for almost two years. I will also gain more skills in production by creating commercials and videos for the competitive Texas Tech Advertising Team.

And creating content? Well, I do that every single day! I know how to tailor my posts to each different social media, which is a good trait to have if you ask me.

Sadly, this job also requires two years of experience creating multimedia content in a collegiate athletics setting. Yikes. I really need to get on this. I am definitely getting an internship in the future that qualifies me for a position like this.

To become the voice of a collegiate athletics program would be a dream.

And I know I can’t be picky when it comes to getting a job in the sports PR world, but to the potential employer that has stumbled upon this blog post, you’d score a touchdown by hiring me, just saying. 😉




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