The importance of listening


Are You A Good Listener?

Growing up, we’ve all had instances where listening was key. Like the time when your parents lectured you about something you did that maybe you shouldn’t have, when a friend was going through a rough time and you needed to be there for them or even when your favorite musician released a new album.

Being able to listen is such an important skill to have, but not just as an individual person.

Brands and Companies

Listening is an important factor when it comes to brands and companies. They must be transparent and listen to everything their audience is saying about them. If a person wants the brand to change something, then that brand should be open and considerate of it, even if it is only one person saying it. If someone is saying bad things about the brand, then they definitely shouldn’t ignore it, either. Word of mouth about a brand can spread like wildfire, so one should manage that as soon as possible.

Brands and companies need to be transparent and develop great listening skills. These skills could grow or diminish a brand or company’s reputation, so it is something they should never take lightly.

Do People Engage With You?

Another important factor to consider as a brand or company is how much the audience engages with you. It is a good thing for you when people start engaging with your brand. This means your brand or company is having an impact on people and it means that you are doing something right.

Listen AND Engage

Listening and engagement – these are two things brands need to keep in mind as they are trying to manage their online reputation. Are people saying good things about your brand? Bad things? Do people like your tweets? Or hate them?

These can make or break a brand unless you actively listen and engage with your audience. So let me ask you one question after reading this: Will it make or break you?