Well, DAM! That is super convenient.


What’s with the Dam Picture?

Puns. That’s what the title of this blog post is. Of course I’m not using foul language… Pssh, who would do that, especially online? I have a reputation to uphold! 😉

Okay, back to reality. This blog post is intended to educate you as much as me. Sometimes, the digital world can be a bit befuddling, so I am going to try and introduce you to something I came across.

What is DAM?

Digital asset management, or DAM for short. DAM is a solution provider for organizations to store, find, recover and share files digitally. It’s pretty easy to use and serves as a digital library that provides people with controlled access to digital assets. These can include things like images, audio and other documents.

The Benefits of DAM

There are a lot of huge benefits to DAM. There is a Cloud digital asset management, also called Cloud DAM, that provides you with all-access to your digital media. You have 24/7 access to any business critical file from pretty much anywhere you are.

Technically, you could be at a concert or in a Starbucks in another country and are still able to access whatever you want. Online DAM is so easy to access and manage, and is a great way to share or track your digital assets.

DAM is critical to a brand’s image. It helps a brand look and stay consistent because of its single control system for the brand’s digital assets. It also helps the brand maintain a consistent digital strategy.


Having all of the brand’s digital assets in one easily accessible place is super convenient and every brand should take advantage of this. I mean, people will notice how consistent and awesome your brand is and want to say “DAM!”






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