A Few Takeaways from the 2017 Texas Tech Pro Day


Meet the Participants

The Pro Day participants included Paul Banks III, Reginald Davis III, Malik Jenkins, Devin Lauderdale, Patrick Mahomes II, Thierry Nguema, Ondre Pipkins, Tyler Scalzi, Luke Stice and Kris Williams.

Pro Day started out in the weight room with the vertical jump, broad jump and bench press, then moved promptly to The Jones where the athletes ran a 40-yard dash, three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle.



Davis had the best 40-yard dash time with a 4.41, Nguema posted a 4.25 20-yard shuttle time, while Scalzi, Stice and Pipkins impressed in the weight room with their bench reps.



The Gunslinger Keeps on Impressing

28 of the 32 NFL teams were in attendance for Texas Tech’s Pro Day, including some big names like Ben McAdoo (head coach of the New York Giants) and John Schneider (Seattle Seahawks general manager) – their primary focus being on Mahomes. Mahomes didn’t participate in any of the workouts the other Pro Day athletes did because he wanted to focus on one thing only: throwing.

mahomes footwork

Mahomes threw about 80 passes on the day to his former teammates Stice, Lauderdale, Davis and Scalzi. During the last snap of his workout, Mahomes threw an 80-yard Hail Mary pass to the end zone. It seemed to be the most fitting way to end Pro Day, and in the words of Mahomes, “I have a big arm, why not show it off.”


endzone catch

Tyler Scalzi isn’t Human

Who is Tyler Scalzi? Listed as a fullback on Texas Tech’s Athletic website, Scalzi turned many heads during Pro Day. The walk-on participated in a lot of offensive drills which included running routes and catching a few passes from Mahomes.


But what was really impressive was his turn out in the weight room. Scalzi had a 32.5-inch vertical, 10-foot-6-inch broad jump and a remarkable 37 reps on the bench press, the most out of all the Red Raider Pro Day participants and more than any of the NFL combine invites. Scalzi may not have been a well-known Tech player like Mahomes, but don’t be surprised if his name gets called at the end of April.

scalzi catch

What to Expect

These players put on a show for the NFL scouts, coaches and general mangers and proved they can compete at the next level. The NFL Draft will be on April 27 to 29, so be sure to keep an eye out for these players, because they might just get their names called out.




The final blog (maybe)


Why Blog?

Before this class started, I always loved to write. From participating in writing competitions to writing just for the hell (sorry, heck) of it, it’s been a pastime that I enjoy as much as reading…and if you know me, then you’d know I love to read!

Blogging is the same thing that I’ve been doing for the past 15 years, except it’s digital. I look at blogging as a way to express my feelings on things in a fun way, while also learning in the process. I didn’t know the mechanics of a blog post until taking my digital PR class.

I think my writing has improved quite a lot in the duration of this class and it will continue to grow as I gain more experience with the blogosphere (I didn’t know this was actually a word until now).

Use Blogging to Your Advantage

Blogging is a great way to not only improve your writing skills and vocabulary, but it also gives you an advantage in the real world. How many people can say they have a blog? Okay, maybe more than you think. But let me rephrase this. How many recent college graduates have a blog they can show their future employers? Probably not many at all.

What sets me and everyone else in the class apart from other college students is the fact that we kept a weekly blog. We continually got better with writing (hopefully) and we have more to add to our good-looking portfolios.

The Final Blog

So, is this the end to my blogging career? The answer is simply no. I may not keep up with it once a week like I should, but I think maintaining an active blog profile will help me in the future.

So thank you, Professor Low. Thank you for teaching us the wrong and right ways to write a blog. Thank you for showing us the ropes of the digital world. Basically, thank you for making us write a blog because it will really set us apart from our competition.