Measuring your reach: It cannot wait


It Can Wait Movement

While I was taking my PR Strategies class, we had an assignment to create a case study about a campaign of our choice. I chose to conduct my case study on FleishmanHillard’s “It Can Wait” movement for AT&T. This campaign did extremely well, and so many people have heard of the campaign tagline.

FleishmanHillard had a lot of tactics that helped them achieve their goal. From simply handing out car decals to touring across the United States holding informative seminars about the dangers of texting and driving, awareness and activism for this movement spread extremely fast. If you want to find out more about this movement and how FleishmanHillard raised awareness, click here.


GOST of PR’s Past

I bet you’re wondering what “GOST” stands for, and I’m here to tell you! GOST stands for “goals, objectives, strategies and tactics” and is extremely important to understand in the public relations world.

Before you do anything in the PR, you need to define the goals, objectives, strategies and tactics of your project because this helps you and the company you work for achieve success.

Metrics, Metrics, Metrics

A metric that is used in the digital world is a key performance indicator, or KPI. According to Klipfolio, a KPI “is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives.” Companies use KPI’s to also measure their “success at reaching targets.”

For the It Can Wait movement, a KPI for AT&T and FleishmanHillard is how many people supported and pledged to this movement. Their goals were to reduce automobile crashes caused by texting and driving AND incite advocacy to show that texting and driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving.

An objective for the It Can Wait movement could be to gain the awareness of teens and young adults, specifically increasing their awareness by 35 percent within six months.

A tactic AT&T and FleishmanHillard could use in their movement could be to have people who were affected by texting and driving write a blog about their experience, and share it with the world on AT&T’s social media channels.

Did It Work?

A good way to see if the tactic worked is to use NUVI. NUVI allows you to see how many people are talking about your movement, what keywords are being utilized and soooooo much more. It’s a great way for a brand to stay connected online and see if they had any success in achieving their goals and objectives. So, if you’re a brand in need of figuring out the reach and success of your project, use NUVI or any other metric. Thank me later.




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