Let’s say “DMA!”


What is a Digital Media Audit?

A digital media audit, or DMA, is essential for a company to create at least once a year. A DMA is conducted to tell a company background information on the client, how their client is doing on social media and helps the company plan better ways to establish their brand among its target publics.

Digital media audits can be conducted every six months, once every year or even once a month. You should conduct them as much as possible so you can achieve better results and success in the future with your client. Digital media audits should also be conducted before and after a campaign to maximize your results.

My Experience with Conducting a Digital Media Audit

My digital public relations class has taught me a lot about the digital aspect of the industry. We were given a real client to conduct a digital media audit for and it was a great learning experience for my group and I.

We looked at our client’s social media pages, specifically how many followers they had, how many people interacted with their posts, how many times our client posted on these channels and much, much more. There are so many aspects you have to look at when creating a thorough digital media audit, but looking at all of these factors helps you determine the right way to conduct your DMA.

The Results

Our digital media audit allowed my group and I to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of our client as well as the opportunities and threats they have/face. We were able to determine the goals, objectives, strategies and tactics that our client can do digitally that will allow them to gain more followers and success.

In the End…

If you are a brand who wants to gain more attention and followers on social media, or if you just want to utilize the digital realm in a more efficient way, I recommend you conduct a digital media audit at least once a month. Trust me, you won’t regret it.



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